Around 20% of all road incidents are related to tiredness behind the wheel


According to GEM Motoring Assist, around 20% of all road incidents are related to tiredness behind the wheel and is a factor in up to 25% of serious and fatal accidents that occur on UK roads.

GEM road safety officer, Mr Neil Worth said: “A fatigue-related crash is around 50 per cent more likely to result in death or serious injury.”

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To avoid tiredness when driving, stop regularly to take a break – stretch your legs, get some fresh air and drink a coffee.

When a driver falls asleep behind the wheel, they are incapable of being able to reduce speed or change direction to avoid a crash and this can result in a serious incident, not only for themselves but other road users.

We know when we feel tired and recognising the signs of tiredness are vital when it comes to deciding whether we are okay to drive or not. If you start yawning constantly and keep rubbing your eyes, feel irritable and fidgety in your seat, then it’s definitely time to stop and take a break, maybe stretch your legs, take in some fresh air and get yourself a cup of coffee.

If you’re on the road and need to continue with your journey, wind the windows down for some fresh air and play some groovy tunes to help keep your mind occupied whilst concentrating on the road ahead – boredom whilst driving can lead to tiredness and listening to up-beat music can help keep you awake and alert.

To help control tiredness whilst behind the wheel, it’s advisable to get a good night’s sleep, avoid driving late into the night if possible as this is when our bodies should be sleeping, eat lighter meals to avoid drowsiness, stay hydrated and know when to take a break, which should be every 2 hours.


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