Police forces across the country crackdown on drink-driving over the festive period


Apparently, police forces in the UK have certain kinds of things they look out for before they pull a motorist up on the side of the road to take a breath test.

The tactics they use can help them to detect a drink-driver before they pull them over and one police force in the UK has revealed how they come to the decision as to who they’re going to pull over.

If a driver has left a fog light on or is moving but has no lights on, then this normally leads to the police pulling them over.

Police forces across the country crackdown on drink-driving over the festive period

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Drunk-drivers may also draw attention to themselves by swerving or speeding up and then slowing down, or if they stall at a set of traffic lights.

Anyone still driving under the influence the morning after might also be pulled over for a check by the police, whilst tip-offs are provided to the police by members of the public on drivers who they think might have been drinking and may possibly drive home still.

Temporary roadside checkpoints were carried out by Humberside Police, who were the ones providing more details on police tactics used to detect drink-drivers. Officers pulled over 50 drivers within the space of 45 minutes for a breath test.

As part of their high-visibility crackdown, the police choose specific times during the day and night in different areas to carry out their checks.

“Experience tells us about their manner of driving. It may just be that they are tired. But often it is because they are under the influence,” said PC Kevin Dufton.

Avon and Somerset police also launched a crackdown operation ahead of Christmas & New Year and so far 12 people have been charged for drink-driving.

According to the force, over 400 people have been arrested for drink-driving over the festive period in the last three years.

“Our message is very simple; if you get behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs, you are risking your life and the lives of those around you,” said assistant chief constable Stephen Cullen.


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