Mobile phone driving laws mean you could be issued with a fine at a drive-thru


In the UK, there are many driving laws that we must obey or face punishment if caught, such as having to wear a seatbelt or not breaking the speed limit, however some of our driving laws are a little more obscure, one of which is the fact that you could be fined whilst ordering at a drive-thru but why?

It all comes down to how you pay, because if you use Apple Pay or Google Pay to purchase your goods at a drive-thru, you could be fined as it’s punishable under mobile phone driving laws.

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Warning: You could be fined at a drive-thru if you pay using your mobile phone with the engine running!


If you order from a drive-thru with your engine running and pay using your smartphone, you could be fined for doing so as it’s illegal to use a smartphone whilst behind the wheel with the engine running.

To order from a drive-thru without the risk of being fined, you must apply your handbrake and turn off the car’s engine if you wish to pay using your smartphone.

You could be issued with a £200 fine and six penalty points if you get caught using your mobile phone whilst behind the wheel and if the case goes to court, the fine can increase to £1,000.

Drivers are also being reminded about the fact that you can’t use your mobile phone whilst stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic as your engine is still running – the only time in which the law allows the use of a mobile phone behind the wheel of a car is if you are safely parked or if you need to call 999 or 112 in a genuine emergency and it’s unsafe or impractical to pull over.



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