Motorists are being warned to prepare for this Friday as schools close for summer


Motorists in the UK are being warned to prepare for ‘Frantic Friday’, as schools close for the summer and millions of families head off on their annual holiday.

It’s estimated that around 5.3 million extra cars will be on the roads this coming Friday (19 July) and the biggest delays are expected to occur on the M25 and M1.

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Altogether, motorists in the UK are expected to set off on 13.4 million individual leisure journeys between this Friday and the end of the weekend.

According to the RAC and INRIX, this figure is at its highest in five years, with 4 million more taking to the roads compared to the same period last year.

It could be that drivers using the M1 and M25 could face delays of around 90 minutes and 60 minutes respectively, however motorists could also hit congestion problems on the M40, M20, M6 and M5, as well as on the A30 travelling through Devon into Cornwall.

And whilst it’s expected that Friday and Saturday will be the busiest days on the road, many drivers will consider getting away earlier to avoid the traffic, so Thursday afternoon could be busier than normal.

The RAC is urging motorists check their car out before setting off on a long journey to avoid breaking down or having to deal with any motoring problems. Doing so could make all the difference between a happy start to a holiday or one filled with stress before getting to your destination.

Use the FORCES to ensure ‘Frantic Friday’ doesn’t affect your summer plans:

  • Fuel – fill up before setting off and monitor as you go to avoid running empty.
  • Oil – check the oil is at the correct level to avoid overheating if caught in traffic.
  • Rubber – ensure tyres are correctly inflated and the tyre tread is legal – and don’t forget the spare!
  • Coolant – keeps the engine running at the right temperature, so make sure it’s between the ‘min’ & ‘max’ level.
  • Electrics – check lights and wipers are working correctly, as well as other electrics that control windows and indicators.
  • Screen Wash – vital in keeping your windscreen clean and clear.



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