Motorists being urged to remove lanyards before driving following two horror crashes


Motorists in the UK are being warned about the dangers of wearing lanyards whilst driving, following two horror smashes which involved drivers wearing lanyards and suffering from injuries as a result.

These two incidents have exposed the possible danger involved in wearing a lanyard whilst behind the wheel, whether around the neck or on the waist.

Dorset Police claim that removing your lanyard before driving off could help to greatly reduce the injuries you sustain when involved in an accident.

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Driver Warning: Remove neck and waist lanyards or passes before driving to avoid injury in the event of an accident.

The warning has been issued by police following two smashes which involved both drivers suffering greater injuries because they were wearing lanyards at the time.

Dorset Police Volunteers have turned to Facebook to air their concerns, warning drivers of the potential danger of wearing lanyards whilst driving, explaining that whilst fortunately this kind of accident is unlikely to happen, it could do and sadly has, so to prevent unnecessary injury in the event of an accident, staff, officers and volunteers are being made aware of the dangers and how to avoid possible injury.

One driver was involved in a minor car accident and was wearing a company lanyard & pass at the time of the incident and when the airbag deployed, the force of the airbag caused the lanyard & pass to be pushed into the driver’s chest which caused a collapsed lung.

It’s believed that if the person had not been wearing their lanyard & pass when the accident happened, they would more than likely have walked away pretty much unscathed.

During another incident, an NHS worker who was wearing a lanyard full of medicine cabinet and locker keys on her waist, got into her car to drive home but didn’t remove the lanyard and unfortunately was involved in an accident that triggered the airbag.

The force from the airbag being deployed caused the lanyard full of keys to perforate her bowel and she ended up staying in hospital for more than six weeks and has been unable to work for six months now following the accident.

Police are now advising anyone wearing a lanyard or pass to remove them before getting into a vehicle, no matter how long the journey is going to be.


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