Motorists in the UK are being urged to prepare their cars for the upcoming winter weather


Driving in wintry conditions can be very tricky and not a pleasant experience for any motorist. Icy roads and snow covered streets can be treacherous to drive on and can make it very difficult to keep full control of your vehicle.

The weather this coming weekend is expected to be particularly wintry, with some areas of the UK expected to be hit with freezing temperatures and snow, so it’s extremely important that motorists ensure that their car or van is ready for whatever the British weather has in store for us.

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Carrying out a simple maintenance check of your car could make all the difference to your winter driving experience. If you know that your car or van is prepared for wintry conditions, you’ll feel more confident about driving on the roads.

Here’s just a few simple measures you can take to ensure your car or van is ready for this weekend’s predicted bad weather (and it won’t take that long!):

1. Car Battery – according to research, 20% of all breakdowns occur because of a failed car battery, so a quick check during a cold spell is advisable.

2. Screen Wash & Windscreen – keep the screen wash topped up over winter for a clear windscreen and never set off on a journey until the windscreen is totally free of ice or snow, as not doing so could result in a fine!

3. Tyre Check – Check the tread depth of your tyres and make sure the pressure is correct in each tyre. The legal tread depth limit in the UK is 1.6mm. You could even invest in winter tyres for extra grip if you travel a lot.

4. Anti-freeze – make sure the anti-freeze is topped up regularly and don’t forget to ensure you have the correct concentration.

5. Clean Lights – keep all exterior lights clean and free from dirt to ensure clear visibility at all times when driving in wintry weather conditions and make sure your number plates are kept clean to avoid being fined!

6. Oil Level – Check the oil level regularly and top it up if required.

7. Emergency Winter Kit – carry an emergency kit in the boot during the winter months, as winter weather can be very unpredictable. The kit should include torch and spare batteries, de-icer and scraper, extra screen wash, 2 x warning triangles, shovel, tow rope, hi-visibility vest, sunglasses, blankets or sleeping bags, warm clothes, winter boots, drinks & snacks, road atlas, first aid kit, empty fuel can, jump start cables, mobile phone, charger and power pack.


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