You could be fined £150 if caught and the same if your passenger throws any rubbish out!


Drivers in the UK are being urged to take their litter home when driving, as getting caught throwing litter out of a car window could cost you heavily AND you could even be prosecuted if one of your passengers is spotted throwing rubbish from a vehicle.

The laws were changed last year, with on-the-spot fines increasing from £80 to £150 and councils no longer having to provide details of who actually committed the offence. As a result, it is the driver who’s responsible for any kind of litter that is thrown from a vehicle, whether it is they who commits the offence or one of their passengers.

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Driver Warning: Throwing litter from your car could lead to a £150 on-the-spot fine, even if it’s a passenger that throws it!

Now councils can hand a fine out to a driver if they can prove litter was thrown from the vehicle and don’t have to reply on knowing exactly who committed the offence.

According to Highways England data, one in seven motorists confess to throwing rubbish from their car window every year.

Another reason for increasing on-the-spot fines, apart from trying to deter motorists from throwing litter and rather taking it home with them to put in the bin, is to try and reduce how much it costs to clean up.

It’s estimated that taxpayers fork out around £700 million each year just to clean up our streets.

“Litter is an important national issue and we’re pleased we were able to support the Great British Spring Clean,” said Freda Rashdi, Highways England’s Head of Customer and Operational Requirements, adding: “We collect litter throughout the year but this time we wanted to have a particular purge in a bid to encourage drivers to take their litter home. If people don’t drop litter in the first place it wouldn’t need to be picked up.”

Edmund King from the AA said: “Rubbish from vehicles spoils the environment, costs millions and puts road workers at risk when they clear it up.”


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