Scammers posing as DVLA and sending texts claiming receiver is owed a refund


Drivers are being asked to stay alert following the news that another DVLA car tax scam is doing the rounds in the UK.

Scammers are posing as the DVLA and sending text messages to unsuspecting motorists claiming they have a refund waiting for them but the messages are in fact fake and should be deleted immediately.

The scammers are using threatening message requests in connection with car tax refunds, as well as sending messages such as: “FINAL REQUEST: DVLA Swansea have been trying to contact you, Click below for more information.”

Scammers posing as DVLA and sending texts claiming receiver is owed a refund

Drivers beware – DVLA car tax text message scam in circulation!


This new scam has been revealed by a number of motorists via Twitter, with one recipient of such a message posting it online for everyone to see.

The same scam has circulated before and uses threatening words and messages to try and trick motorists into clicking on a link which are known as a ‘phishing’ link and should never be clicked on.

On Twitter, one driver posted a screenshot showing what is says on the next page if you click the link and it said: “We would like to notify you that you still have an outstanding vehicle tax refund of £48.84 from an overpayment, despite our previous letters regarding your tax refund we are yet to receive your claim.”

It goes on to request that the driver click a second link to complete their refund request as they are time limited.

The scammers have even gone to the trouble of adding a Gov logo to their texts which could trick drivers into believing they are genuine but one small detail gives the game away and that’s the URL which ends in ‘.pw’ – the country code domain for the Pacific Island nation of Palau.

Drivers in the UK are being warned about these text messages and are urged to look carefully as to where the email has been sent from, remembering to delete them immediately.

Never click on a link if you are unsure as to whether a text message is genuine or not – if you receive a scam text, report it straight away.

The clicks eventually lead to scammers asking for personal details such as bank information.

DVLA responded to the tweets saying: “Hi, We are aware of a text/email scam, which wrongly claims to have been sent by DVLA, asking drivers to verify their driving license and vehicle tax details via an online link and are currently investigating. Please delete it without clicking on any links. Thanks”


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