New changes to be introduced on December 4 here in the UK


A recent poll carried out by finds one in three motorists in the UK think new changes planned for the practical driving test will not do anything to improve the safety of our roads.

The new changes are set to start on December 4 but according to the 2,000 UK licence holders surveyed, around half of them are unhappy with some of the changes, such as the new ‘pulling up on the opposite side of the road’ replacing the ‘reverse around the corner’ and the ‘three-point turn’, which is also being scrapped.

Many driving instructors have said these changes could be ‘dangerous’ and have asked for them to be excluded.

New changes to be introduced on December 4 here in the UK

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The group of motorists questioned were also unhappy with the fact that there was no additional help to find a better way of teaching road manners, like drivers who choose to hog the middle lane, or tailgaters, so that all road users know how to treat their fellow drivers whilst out and about.

Other inclusions not considered but ones that motorists believe should be was  motorway driving as part of a test and driving at night.

However, one change which has been welcomed is the inclusion of ‘following directions from a sat nav’. discovered that 33% of those questioned as part of the survey don’t believe that making changes to the practical driving test would result in fewer people being killed or badly injured on roads throughout the country.

As a matter of fact, 43% expressed concern over the safety of one change which will have drivers pulling over into oncoming traffic and having to reverse two car lengths.

The idea behind this addition is to simulate pulling over on the right side of the road for when maybe a driver needs to park.

This change will replace a couple of old tests – reversing around a corner and the three-point turn which the Government claims are no longer relevant to today’s driving conditions.

Many driving instructors totally disagree with the new reversing changes, with over 100 people signing a petition led by UK driving instructors asking for the task to be excluded, deeming it a ‘dangerous exercise’.

One driving instructor believes the three-point turn will eventually become a ‘lost skill’.

The study found nearly half of those questioned were happy with the inclusion of the new ‘following directions from a sat nav’, whilst almost two in five welcomed the increase of independent driving time to 20 minutes.

A staggering 73% of those taking part in the survey believed that driving on some of the country’s fastest roads should be tested, whilst two thirds think learner drivers should be tested on their skills while driving in the dark – something that could have a huge impact on road safety.

Around 40% of licence holders think more should be taught to learner drivers regarding cyclist awareness, the same for motorcycles (44%).

“To make the roads safer, drivers believe more practical changes should have been included in the new updates set to be implemented in December,” said motoring editor at, Amanda Stretton.

The study also showed that almost two in five motorists thought it would be beneficial for leaner drivers to be taught the skills associated with running a car, to ensure they’re made aware of the financial side of owning a vehicle.

  The New Practical Driving Test Changes Coming December 4:

Removed – Reversing around a corner Removed – Three-point turn Added – Increasing independent driving to 20 minutes Added – Following directions from a sat nav Added – Answering vehicle safety questions while driving Added – Pulling up on the right-hand side of the road and reversing two car lengths Added – Reversing out of a parking bay

  The changes motorists would like to see added (according to the survey):

Driving on the motorway – 73% Driving at night – 66% Tailgating – 65% Middle lane hogging – 52% Better road etiquette – 52% Improved cyclist awareness – 49% Driving in all weather conditions – 47% Selfish parking – 36% ‘Thank you’ wave – 20% Financial knowledge – 18%


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