Not using a reflective flag on an oversized load could land with you a fine & penalty points


Are you prepared to break the law this festive season by bringing a Christmas tree home in or on your vehicle without making sure it doesn’t hang out too much?

Having a car full of pine needles could be the least of your worries if you get pulled over by the police for carrying a Christmas tree in your vehicle that could cause danger to other road users.

One survey, which involved asking 500 British households about the rules regarding carrying loads, found that 75% of drivers have no idea what the rules are when transporting large loads in their vehicle such as a long Christmas tree.

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Not securing or failing to use a reflective flag when transporting a Christmas tree in or on your vehicle could land you in trouble! © Copyright nick macneill and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Even more alarming was the fact that 6% of those taking part confessed to transporting a Christmas tree to their home by leaving it hanging out of their vehicle, whilst one in four admitted to simply throwing it into their vehicle without giving any thought to securing it properly.

In addition, 5% confessed to just throwing it on the roof without even having a roof rack to tie it on to.

And whilst 25% of motorists taking part in the survey knew what the rules were around transporting oversized items, many drivers do not know what the law states when it comes to carrying long loads in or on top of our vehicles.

According to the Highway Code, “drivers must not overload their vehicle and must secure any load so it doesn’t stick out dangerously”.

If your intention is to transport a Christmas tree during the festive season to your home and it’s longer than you’re vehicle when sat on the roof or stuck out from the inside, a reflective flag should be attached to the overhanging end to warn other road users and must be secured properly.

You could be issued with a fine and three points on your licence if you choose to ignore the rules of the road.


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