Many drivers in the UK are risking a hefty fine for having the wrong address on their driving licence


Many drivers in the UK are running the risk of being fined a large sum of money simply because they haven’t updated the information on their driving licence. has revealed that 1.5 million drivers registered here in the UK have a driving licence with an old address still on it and if caught, they could be hit with a hefty fine.

If you’re driving licence is checked and found to have the incorrect address on it, you could be fined as much as £1,000 – a staggering £1.5 billion could be claimed from the DVLA from those drivers who forget to update their driving licence information.

According to research carried out by the UK price comparison website, 4% of drivers they surveyed held a driving licence with incorrect details on it, which equates to around 1.5 million motorists out of the 37.5 million registered licence holders here in the UK carrying a licence that requires updating.

Regarding the laws here in Britain, it is illegal for a driver to be wrongly registered at an address – residential information should always be kept up-to-date on your driving licence in case you’re ever involved in an accident.

When you do change the address on your driving licence, the same must be done on the vehicle’s log book and the Direct Debit linked to your vehicle tax, as well as on your car insurance documents.

A number of drivers confessed to that they had no idea it was illegal to have the wrong address on their licence, whilst 35% of those questioned didn’t know they could be fined for it.

Out of the 2,054 licence holders taking part in the survey, it was the youngest drivers who seemed to have no idea this law existed, with 11% of 18 to 24 year-olds admitting that their driving licence showed an incorrect address.

“A £1,000 fine is a high price to pay for something which is free to change,” said head of motors at, John Miles.

Mr Miles added that the DVLA website was totally clear about the penalties which could be incurred by drivers if they don’t change the address on the licence, however despite this, a large number of motorists in the UK still have no idea that they could be breaking the law.

It’s a free of charge service to change the address on your driving licence to a new one and whilst you wait for your updated licence to arrive, you’re still allowed to drive.

It’s advisable to check your driving licence regularly to ensure all the information is correct and up-to-date – this could prevent you from incurring a huge fine!


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