With diminishing supplies of resources, hybrid and electric cars or ‘greener’ cars will be a part of our future ahead. So with the impending presence of these vehicles it’s always best to get in the ‘know’ as to know what common lingo you may come across. At Clear Car Leasing, our main aim to make everything simple; we like it like that. So we’ve written a quick guide to help breakdown some of the waffle, helping you bust the ‘Electric Car Jargon’.

(ICE) Internal Combustion Engines

This plainly, is the typical conventional engine. An ‘ICE’ car is anything that is powered by burning either Petrol or Diesel. Currently, it’s one of the most popular types of car on the road today.

(HEV) Hybrid Electric Vehicles

A happy median between the two types of engines. It’s a car that is predominantly run by an ‘ICE’ engine, but uses the electric motor on shorter, slower journeys. It typically stores its charge by regenerative braking.

(PHEV) Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

This type of car shares a similar type of technology seen in HEV vehicles, as it still combines an ICE engine with an electric motor. However, the electric motor can be charged by using external power sources. Cars with this type of set up has a shorter recharge time, allowing for longer distances to be travelled underneath electric power.

(EV) Electric Vehicles

An EV is a pure electric vehicle. Powered by the use of only one or more types of electric motors. All of the cars are charged using external power sources and depending on the type of car, it can actually charge itself using regenerative braking.

These cars do not carry the same amount of range seen in other vehicles. However, they are still vastly popular within city communities. As the average commute or journey is shorter than others coming from rural areas. This type of car also produces no tailpipe emissions.

(FCEV) Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Possibly one of the least common type of car. A FCEV relates to hydrogen powered vehicles. Working in the same way as an ICE, but uses Hydrogen instead. It’s considered to be a ‘green’ car as Hydrogen can be made and produced using renewable resources.

(ULEV) Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

You may see this a lot, particularly across various different Government websites. A ULEV basically refers to any car that produces less than 75g/KM Carbon Dioxide. Anything lower than this amount is generally considered to be an ‘Ultra Low’ vehicle and is legible for a wealth of tax discounts and advantages.

(ULED) Ultra Low Emissions Discount

Transport for London (TFL) first introduced the congestion charging zone in February 2003. Designed to reduce traffic congestion as well as reducing the amount of pollution caused by cars travelling in and around the city.

However, drivers can actually be entitled for a 100% discount if their vehicle qualifies for ULED. To meet the criteria set by TFL your car must:

  • Be any type of pure electric vehicle;
  • Emit less than 75g/KM Co2 (or less) that still meets the Euro 5 emission standards.

Commercial vehicles, such as vans are also eligible for this type of discount. As long as they are able to still meet the same criteria as given above.

Charging Point Electric Cars

Electric Car Leasing

We hope this guide has helped explained some of the core Electric Car Jargon that you might see being thrown around everywhere. If you’d like to take a look at what leasing deals we can offer on this type of vehicle please click here. Alternatively, why not give us a call on 0844 846 4007 or email sales@clearcarleasing.co.uk for your quote.

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