New report claims 150,000 motorists do it every year!


It’s a common mistake that thousands of motorists make every year and could cost anywhere from £500 to £3,000 to put right but what is it?

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is a common mistake that around 150,000 motorists make every year in the UK, says a new report.

The trouble is, this easy-to-make blunder could see motorists having to fork out up to £3,000 to rectify, especially if the mistake leads to further damage to your vehicle.

According to the AA, a car user puts the wrong fuel in their vehicle every three minutes in the UK and the worrying fact is that the mistake might not be covered within your insurance premium.

New report claims 150,000 motorists do it every year!

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It can cost anywhere from £500 to £3,000 to fix the problem but if the tank isn’t drained straight away and cleaned, your car may be prone to further damage as a result.

Motorists are being urged to think before re-fuelling to avoid this mishap which happens far too often to drivers up and down the country.

If you do happen to fill up with the wrong fuel, do not switch your engine on as this helps it to circulate around the car and makes it harder to fix.

With so many families having two cars these days, it’s a mistake that can easily happen. The best advice is to buy a device that fits into your car’s filler neck to stop you from being able to fill up with the wrong fuel.

The device only costs around £40 and stops a driver from being able to put a petrol nozzle into a diesel filler neck.

Another way of preventing such a mishap is by placing a label on and around the fuel cap of your car – this acts as a constant reminder as to what fuel you need to use.


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