Will it be in the morning during rush hour or in the evening on the drive home from work?

According to new research, the most dangerous time of the day to be driving is between 5pm and 5:10pm.

This could be down to the fact that many road users are on their way home following a day’s work and are overly eager to get there quickly. The number of vehicles using the roads at the same time mixed with a rush to get home makes this first ten minutes after 5pm the most risky in terms of being involved in an accident.

Whilst rush hour actually covers the time between 4pm and 6pm, figures show that one in six bumps that occur during this two-hour period happen during the first ten minutes after 5pm.

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New research suggests the most dangerous time of the day to drive is between 5pm and 5:10pm. © Copyright Colin Smith and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

This equates to 16% of accidents occurring within an 8.3% timeframe. According to AX research, leaving about 10 minutes later could halve your chances of being caught up in an accident.

The second most dangerous time to be on the roads is within the school-run period from 2pm to 4pm – around 16.04% of accidents occur during this time compared to 17.47% during the two hours after from 4pm to 6pm.

The second most dangerous window is between 3pm and 3:10pm, when more cars use the roads to drive to and from school to collect their children.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, director of sales and operations at AX said: “It is little surprise to see the majority of accidents take place during the afternoon and evening hours when many of us are busy trying to get home or rushing to pick up our kids.”

As you might expect, when wintry weather is brought into the mix, the risk of an accident increases and as a result, the accident rate creeps up by 7.4% during the winter months. In winter, rear-end collisions account for 34% of traffic accidents.


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