Is it really because they’re a fire hazard and classed as dangerous?

Most of us are aware of the fact that using a mobile phone on a petrol forecourt is discouraged and banned at most petrol stations in the UK but is it really because they’re classed as a fire hazard and could be dangerous?

That’s what most of us believe but the truth is that according to scientist there’s very little chance that a mobile phone used at the pumps could cause a fire or an explosion as the devices emit very little energy.

There’s only one way in which a mobile phone could create a spark at the pumps and that is if the device has got a defective battery but this is highly unlikely and something that could also happen to a car battery but for safety reasons, mobile devices are banned from use at the pumps and within the forecourt grounds.

Is it really because they're a fire hazard and classed as dangerous?

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The real danger of using a mobile phone at a petrol station and why it’s discouraged is because they can be a serious distraction. Petrol forecourts are very busy places with vehicles coming in and out from all directions and people walking around, so every care should be taken to avoid being distracted.

To prevent an incident from occurring either at the pump or on the forecourt mobile phones are discouraged from being used and better left inside the vehicle. Some petrol stations will even switch off your pump if they see you filling up your car whilst holding a mobile phone.

Using your mobile phone whilst inside the car is fine, so too if you visit the shop to pay or park away from hazardous areas but a mobile phone must never be used whilst you are filling up at the pumps or on the forecourt for two very good reasons.


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