Research suggests many are staying away because of high parking prices


More recently, the reduced number of visitors to the local high street has been blamed on the rise of online shopping but now it’s being suggested that expensive parking prices could be putting many people off too.

According to research conducted by YourParkingSpace, compared to just a year ago, many shoppers are spending less time on their local high street, with four in 10 saying they visit less frequently and one in 10 saying they only visit their local high street just once a year.

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Research carried out by YourParkingSpace suggests expensive parking prices are keeping visitors away from the high street. © Copyright Basher Eyre and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Despite 40% claiming the main reason they don’t visit their local shops is because of how easy it is to shop online, the second biggest factor was expensive parking prices.

Of those taking part in the survey, 17% said they’re put off going into town to do a bit of shopping by the pricey parking costs.

A visit to town is still carried out by most people by jumping in the car, with over half of respondents saying they drive into town in their own vehicle. This compares to just 12% who say they go by bus.

Even though many admitted to staying away, respondents still saw a future for the British high street, with three in 10 believing they would survive these trying times.

Harrison Woods, managing director at YourParkingSpace, said: “Many British high streets have suffered a hard time recently, with small independent traders and large department stores all feeling the pinch.”

Mr Woods also added: “With most people driving to the high street, it’s no surprise that parking is a contentious issue. What they might not realise is that there are cheaper alternatives.”

You can avoid expensive parking prices by planning ahead, possibly finding somewhere close to your local high street that’s free to park or maybe hiring a driveway, something that’s become increasingly popular here in the UK recently.



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