A Guide to car leasing Fair Wear & Tear from Clear Car Leasing


When your car lease agreement comes to an end, the vehicle must be returned back to the leasing company and as part of the handover, it will be checked inside and out to decide whether the vehicle is in satisfactory condition as per your agreement.

To ensure your vehicle is ready to be returned to us, we recommend you start preparing for its return day in good time. With around six to eight weeks to go before the end of your lease, we advise our customers take a look at the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

This guide will help you to understand what is classed as fair wear and tear, which should help you to avoid extra charges at the end of your lease agreement.

The most common type of penalty charges at the end of a vehicle contract tend to be caused by rips or burns to seats, staining, dents and chips to the bodywork, wheels and trims showing damage, or scratched paintwork.

A Guide to Car Leasing Wear & Tear from Clear Car Leasing

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What is Classed as Fair Wear & Tear?

Fair wear & tear happens with general use of a vehicle leading to deterioration and does not include damage occurring to the vehicle because of an incident involving impact, rough treatment to the car or from storing items in an unsuitable way.

As far as scratches are concerned, small scratches to the paintwork that are smaller than 25mm are okay, however any scratches over this size are deemed as unacceptable.

Make sure you clean the car inside and out before then end of the lease agreement. Not only will this help you to check for damage but may also stop you from incurring a penalty charge – a dirty, stained car is not acceptable for return.

If there are any small issues that can be put right by yourself, then this would be a wise move but the best way to steer clear of any penalty charges at the end of your lease agreement, is to look after your lease car from the moment your contract begins.


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