I’m not really sure what car leasing is…

We’ve written a fully comprehensive guide. However, in short, it’s basically a long-term car rental where you agree to take a car over a certain amount of time, then return it. You won’t suffer from any depreciation losses on a car.

Sounds interesting, are credit checks involved?

Yep, before we can proceed with ordering vehicles we will have to submit a finance application form to the funder. Once a decision has been given we’ll then be able to proceed to the next step.

Help! I don’t think my credit score is high enough to lease a vehicle.

Luckily we work with lots of vehicle lenders who can accept customers that may or may not have had a history of bad or poor credits. If you’ve suffered from CCJs, bankruptcy or missed payments in the past, we may have a solution for you.

Ok, although I’m not sure which car I want?

No problem. Our sales team are vehicle experts and will be able to recommend lease deals to you based on your preferences given. If you can suggest a budget which you’d like to stick to, it’ll help us find the perfect vehicle for you.

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Do you supply the vehicles?

Nope; we are a leasing broker but work very closely with dealerships up and down the country. We’ll source the vehicle for you exactly to your specification.

Is delivery included?

Yep; both delivery and collection are included in your lease contract.

Do you lease used vehicles?

Unfortunately not – we can only offer brand new vehicles on our lease contract.

As it’s a new car, is warranty included?

Yep; all cars will be supplied with full manufacturer warranty as standard. Breakdown cover may or may not be covered as part of the warranty.

What happens if I go over my annual mileage?

If you go over your allocated mileage allowance you will then have to a pay small fixed charge per mile. However, we will detail the exact cost of this on your quote.

That makes sense to me, however, should I be worried about any hidden fees?

Nope. We are not like most brokers and we don’t charge for any admin fees. When we provide you with your final quote, we’ll explain all the costs involved with your lease so you won’t be surprised with any charges.

Is road tax included?

Yep, yep, yep. Road tax will be included throughout the full duration of the lease unless requested otherwise.

Is insurance included?

Unfortunately not. Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer and driver of the vehicle.

I’ve ordered my car! How long will it take until I get my car?

Normal production times on new vehicles can be anywhere from 8 weeks onwards. However, we’ll always aim to find a car suitable to your delivery date. If the car is in stock from point of order, we can normally get this delivered in under two weeks. We do also have access to a short-term lease fleet to put you into something to bridge the gap.

What happens once my contract ends?

Your vehicle gets inspected and collected by the vehicle funder. You hand back the keys and that is it!