Returning a vehicle not within the fair wear & tear guidelines might result in charges


When you return your lease car at the end of your agreement it will be inspected for any damage that falls outside what is classed as ‘fair wear & tear’.

If any excess damage is found during the inspection that is not covered under the fair wear & tear guidelines, you will be liable and penalty charges will have to paid by you when the contract comes to an end.

To avoid having to pay any excess charges at the end of your lease contract, here’s some helpful advice from us at Clear Car Leasing to prepare you in advance.

Returning a vehicle not within the fair wear & tear guidelines might result in charges

General advice related to the end of your contract


General Advice

When there’s about 10-12 weeks left of your lease contract, take a good look around the car to see if there’s any issues that might need addressing. This will ensure you have enough time to deal with any repairs before the car is returned.

Before the inspection, make sure you clean the car inside and out and leave any documents related to the vehicle such as guides and the handbook inside the car. Check that your service book has been date stamped by an authorised repairer before the car is handed back.

Don’t forget to remove all your personal items from the vehicle before it’s collected – check the glove box, door pockets, seat pockets and the car boot to make sure you leave nothing behind.

Lease cars come with two sets of keys, the main key and a spare, so make sure you return both sets and don’t forget to remove your other personal keys such as house and garage keys from the keyring.


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