The big event takes place from Thursday, 7 March to Sunday, 17 March 2019


The Geneva Motor Show is one of the biggest events for the European motoring industry and this year’s show is bound to be just as exciting as previous ones.

The giant car show is now in its 89th year and once again will be held at the Geneva Palexpo Convention Centre, with doors opening to the press on Tuesday 5 March and Wednesday 6 March.

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The Geneva Motor Show 2019 – doors open to the public from 7-17 March

The public then have from 7-17 March to enjoy everything on offer including new car revelations, whacky concept cars, new technology and equipment, prototypes, plus a myriad of unexpected surprises that occur every year at the show, making it one of the top events on the motoring calendar.

Car manufacturers from all over the world attend the show, many of whom reveal new models to the press and public, as well as showing off their concept cars for people to either admire or question the madness behind the idea.

There’s always a selection of super cars on show for motoring enthusiasts to get excited about and this year there could be a number of autonomous cars to look around plus flying cars might make an appearance.

A number of top car manufacturers won’t be attending this year’s big event including Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo, however there’ll be plenty of excitement surrounding the ones that will be there to show off their new models including Audi, Honda and Skoda.

Tickets for the show are now available to buy at around £12 for an adult ticket and around £7 for children aged 6 to 16 and pensioners, with free entry for children under six if accompanied by an adult.


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