A maintenance package can be included as part of your agreement, please read on..


When you lease a car from Clear Car Leasing you also have the option of adding a maintenance package to your contract.

Doing so can help to put your mind at rest, knowing that for a little extra amount each month your lease car is covered for the entire length of your contract.

The maintenance package covers servicing, tyres and other consumable parts such as bulbs, wiper blades etc.. and the cost of the package will be included within the total monthly fixed payment you make throughout the duration of the lease agreement.

Our maintenance packages are available for both personal and business users and are tailored to suit the length of your lease agreement and the mileage allowance you have chosen.

Opting for a maintenance package can help to reduce those often unexpected huge bills that come with running a car and can lower the overall costs involved with keeping a car on the road and in good working order.

You’re maintenance package will be included in your contract and the fixed monthly rental amount will remain the same throughout the length of your agreement – by taking out a maintenance package with us, you benefit from paying a fixed price for the whole length of your contract, protecting you from increased prices regarding maintenance and servicing.

For peace of mind, we recommend adding a maintenance package to your lease agreement – the cost of the package will be added to your contract as part of your fixed monthly payments and for the remainder of your lease period, you won’t have to worry about servicing and maintenance, it will all be taken care of.


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