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It’s a fact, accidents do happen and sometimes a lease car can be involved in an accident too, so what happens if your lease car is in an accident – what’s the process?

The first thing to do following an accident involving your lease car is to find out from your finance provider as to whether the car is able to be repaired or whether it’s been classed as a write-off.

If it can be repaired your insurance provider will deal with it but your finance company might have a say in where you have the vehicle repaired. Sometimes it’s advisable to let the insurance company speak directly with your finance provider.

If the car has been certified a write-off, the whole process is different. Your finance provider will act as though you have purchased the car and the lease agreement will be terminated.

A quick guide from Clear Car Leasing

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You might however still have some of the finance to pay, so a settlement figure will be agreed by the finance provider. Your insurance company will pay out according to what the car is worth at the time of the accident.

This should hopefully cover the settlement figure but if not, the difference will have to be paid by yourself, however, if you have taken out GAP insurance, this might not be the case as this will cover any possible shortfall.

As the agreement is terminated in the event of an accident, there will no charges incurred by yourself regarding a cancellation fee because you haven’t actually cancelled the contract.

If you would like to lease a new car again, then you must go through the lease process once more to start a new contract.


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