At Clear Car Leasing, the whole process is easy and straightforward


It’s one of our most commonly asked questions – what happens at the end of my lease contract?

Here at Clear Car Leasing, the whole leasing process from start to finish is easy and straightforward, so there’s no need for any concern over what happens when your chosen lease term is due to end.

What we do to make sure the return of your lease car runs smoothly, is to contact you around 6 weeks before your lease contract is due to end, so that you’re aware of the closure date and can prepare your lease vehicle ready for its collection.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

When one lease contract ends, another one can begin with a brand new car – maybe a different make and model next time around?

This gives you enough time to make sure your lease vehicle is in good condition both inside and out in compliance with the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guide and to remove any personal items.

It also enables you to start thinking about your next brand new lease car with a new contract, so during these six weeks you can decide which make and model is going to be your new lease car once the current one is collected by ourselves.

A suitable day and time will be arranged with you for the inspection and collection of your lease car. Ensure that both sets of keys are with the vehicle, along with any paperwork and/or handbook related to your lease car. Don’t forget to remove any personal keys from your car keyring, we don’t want your house keys!

If any damage is found that doesn’t comply with the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines, or you’ve misplaced the spare keys for example, charges will be incurred by yourself – full details of the exacts costs will be included within your quote.

Also, if you exceed your agreed annual mileage allowance, you will have to pay a small fixed charge for every mile over you cover – your quote will provide more information regarding excess mileage charges.



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