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Sometimes in life things can take an unexpected turn. Leaving for another part of the world for work reasons or simply because a change in lifestyle is necessary due to the stress of daily commitments, or possibly an illness, can happen to anyone of us.

But what happens if this is the case and you’ve signed up to a car lease for the next 18 months or 48 months, is it possible to terminate a lease agreement early because you’ve decided to emigrate?

Here at Clear Car Leasing our goal is to look after our customers and we will do everything possible in such circumstances to help.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

What happens to my lease car if I decide to emigrate?


When leasing a car you sign an agreement confirming that you’re going to lease the vehicle for a specific period of time, returning it at the end of your lease contract.

Terminating a lease early is possible but will result in extra charges being incurred by yourself.

Your lease car will be inspected to ensure that it’s being returned in good condition that meets with the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines and that both sets of keys are with the vehicle when it’s collected, plus any paperwork/handbook related to the lease car must be with it.

To ensure your lease car termination runs smoothly, we recommend cleaning it both inside and out before the inspection, as well as a thorough check of the vehicle to look for any dents or issues that won’t be covered under the guidelines, as these will have to be rectified by yourself before the car is collected.


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