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There are a number of reasons why a driver who holds a full UK driving licence may have theirs taken off them but what happens if this occurs when you are part way through a lease contract?

When you lease a car you sign an agreement to drive a chosen vehicle for a specific lease term and pay the fixed monthly amount until the end of your contract.

In some circumstances, as we discussed in our last post, an early termination of your lease contract could be approved by your finance company but fees and penalties will have to be paid by yourself and could be costly.

Short, Simple Clear Car Leasing

What Happens To My Lease Car If I Lose My Driving Licence?


If you receive a driving ban whilst you’re in possession of a leased car you must still make the monthly payments that you have to agreed to in your contract. A driving ban could be handed out for breaking the rules of the road and may prevent you from enjoying your lease car for the full lease term.

Finding out that you have a medical condition that prevents you from driving, which means having to give up your driving licence is tough and might be looked upon as an unforeseen circumstance which allows for early termination of your lease contract, however there will still be fees to pay for ending your contract early.

The best advice if you do lose your driving licence when leasing one of our cars is to speak to us here at Clear Car Leasing so we can discuss what happens next.


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