With Clear Car Leasing the recall process is easy and straightforward


When a car manufacturer suspects that one of their models has an issue related to safety, or doesn’t comply with Government standards, the vehicle might have to be recalled.

The Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA) are in charge of conducting recalls which are only issued if there’s a legitimate concern over safety.

If a manufacturer decides to recall a car, VOSA is contacted and a recall number is issued.

The vehicle owner is then contacted and in the case of a lease car, the finance provider is made aware of the decision as they remain the owner of the vehicle for the duration of your lease agreement.

With Clear Car Leasing the recall process is easy and straightforward

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If by chance your lease car is recalled by the manufacturer during your agreed lease period, you will be contacted by your finance provider (normally by post) who will explain the reason for the recall and what happens next.

Any work will be carried out free of charge at a time that suits you and the value of the car will not be affected by the recall and work required.

In case such an occurrence happens regarding the car you lease, it’s extremely important that your contact details are kept up-to-date with us here at Clear Car Leasing and your finance provider so that any recall notices can be sent to you immediately.


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