How Long Will I Have To Wait Before I Can Drive It?


You’ve chosen the car you want to lease, filled in all the relevant paperwork required to be accepted for finance and provided details about yourself, so the next big question is ‘How long after the order of my lease car will I have to wait before I can drive it?’

At Clear Car Leasing all of our cars are brand new and normal production times on new vehicles can be anywhere from eight weeks onwards, however this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have to wait that long. If the car you have chosen is in stock at the point of order, then your brand new lease car could be with you in less than two weeks.

We aim to provide great service at all times, ensuring that our customers never have to wait more than they would like to for their new lease car and will always endeavour to find a car that fits in with your delivery date.

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I’ve Ordered My New Lease Car! How Long Will I Have To Wait Before I Can Drive It?

Of course, here at Clear Car Leasing each vehicle is delivered free to our customers either at home, the workplace or somewhere that’s more convenient for you and at a time that fits in with your day.

At the end of your lease term, the car will be collected for free by ourselves as part of your contract, so that’s delivery and collection taken care of.

And if by chance your chosen lease car is going to take more than a few weeks before it’s due to be delivered, we do have access to a fleet on a short-term lease that could help bridge that gap.


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