£25million earned from just 10 speed cameras dotted up and down the country


New research has revealed that 10 speed cameras in the UK have collected £25million in revenue over the past three years.

The 10 cameras dotted up and down the country have managed to catch 253,684 drivers for speeding and it’s believed that each of them would have been handed a fine of around £100.

On the A449 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, one single camera unit flashed 41,056 times, the same on the A435 northbound in Studley, near Redditch, which works out on average they both triggered over 250 times every week.

According to one newspaper report, motorists in the Kidderminster area were so angry that the unit was targeted by vandals who set the camera alight using petrol.

£25million earned from just 10 speed cameras dotted up and down the country

Just 10 cameras in the UK earn a fortune in revenue over a three year period – £25million! © Copyright Bill Boaden and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


Simon Williams, a spokesman for the RAC, believes that motorists in the country think of speed cameras as just cash cows rather than being there to help with road safety and suggest that police forces should concentrate more on average speed cameras, as they guarantee that motorists stay within the speed limit between a specific length of road.

According to a recent study, six out of 10 motorists feel that there’s no longer enough police out on the roads ensuring the laws are adhered to and the fact that from 2010 to 2015, there’s been a 27% decline in the number of road traffic police officers, road users make a fair point.

Another camera managing to catch thousands of motorists for speeding was in Barrowby Thorns, in Lincolnshire – a staggering 35,584 camera triggers on the eastbound M62 between J18 and J19. According to records these resulted in 29,205 fines being issued.

A recent report revealed that only half of all fixed speed cameras are actually active but according to the police each force is responsible for the cameras located within their specific area and they are swapped around on a regular basis, so drivers shouldn’t assume that everything stays the same – they could get caught out.


The 10 areas where cameras caught the most speeders:

  1. A449 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire – 41,056
  2. A435 northbound in Studley, near Redditch – 41,056
  3. A1 at Barrowby Thorns in Lincolnshire – 35,584
  4. M62 eastbound J18/J19 in Greater Manchester  – 29,205
  5. A28 at Pin Hill in Canterbury, Kent – 23,748
  6. A45 westbound near Coventry – 22,954
  7. A358 in Henlade, near Taunton – 20,874
  8. M606 southbound near Bradford – 20,746
  9. M60 clockwise J25 in Greater Manchester – 19,770
  10. A4540 at New John Street West in Birmingham – 19,484


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