More than half of women passed last year compared to 46% of men


According to new research, learner female drivers have outperformed men for the past 10 years when it comes to sitting their theory test.

Out of those who sat the test last year, more than half of females passed, whilst just 46% of men were successful.

The data also found that more women than men have passed every year over the past decade.

However, when it comes to the practical test the results are reversed, as 50.3% of men were successful compared to just 43.4% of women within the same time period.

More than half of women passed last year compared to 46% of men

Learner female drivers have outperformed men for the past 10 years on theory test.


A driving instructor called Gaynor said: “It was interesting to see the data about the differences between male and female learner drivers,” adding: “I’ve found that female learners have always been quicker at incorporating the knowledge and the theory side than male customers, though the most important thing is that people are open to learning.”

Whilst male drivers were first on the road, Brake found that men accounted for 74% of road traffic deaths, 70% of serious injuries and 59% of minor injuries on UK roads – so it seems that despite the fact men were the first to drive they don’t necessarily make the safest drivers.

Separate research conducted recently by the DVLA found that from the 10,600,617 penalty points handed out, men were accountable for 7,668,498 compared to just 2,932,119 for women.

According to the DVLA, 40,361,967 people in Britain hold a full UK driving license.

Over the past two years, it was found that men were involved in 84% of the 1,840 reported drink-driving offences and from the 1,703,079 incidents which involved speeding and points being handed out, 69% happened to be men.


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