When you lease from us, the car you choose has breakdown cover included


Oh no, my lease car has broken down, what happens now?

It can happen at any time and to anyone who drives a car, even to those who lease – dealing with a breakdown is just as frustrating an experience for those who lease a car but knowing that breakdown cover and roadside assistance is included as part of your contract will help ease the frustration.

When you lease a brand new car from Clear Car Leasing, it will come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard and breakdown cover, so no extra charges will have to be paid out in the event your lease car breaks down.

All of our brand new lease cars include 12 months breakdown cover, however some manufacturer’s now offer 3 years cover free of charge.

When you lease from us the car you choose has breakdown cover included

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An emergency number can be found in the car book pack that is given to you at the start of your lease contract. This should be kept in your lease car for the duration of your contract period so that you have access to the details day or night.

Of course, this means that roadside assistance is provided as part of the breakdown cover and depending on the manufacturer will either be for 12 months or three years.

If however you take out a maintenance package at the beginning of your lease contract, breakdown cover will be included for the duration of your lease term no matter what make and model of car you opt for. Also, adding a maintenance package to your agreement means that servicing, tyres and maintenance will be taken care of within one affordable fixed monthly payment, taking the hassle out of motoring and giving you peace of mind.


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