Preparing your vehicle for its return at the end of your lease contract


No matter what period of time you’ve taken out your lease contract for, the day will come when you’ll need to start thinking about preparing your lease car for its return.

We recommend our customers start the process at least six to eight weeks before your contract is due to end, that way you’re prepared for a smooth return and possibly a brand new car and agreement.

Make sure the car is cleaned inside and out and check the vehicle all over for any signs of damage that might not be covered under the ‘Fair Wear & Tear’ guidelines, this way you will have time to fix any damage that’s your responsibility.

When Should I Have My Lease Car Inspected?

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Once you’ve carried out your own inspection, you can sit back and wait for the end of contract inspection to be done, happy in the knowledge that everything is good with the car and no additional costs will be incurred by yourself.

The end of contract process should run smoothly as a result of being prepared well in advance.

If you’re ending one contract and looking to lease another brand new car of your choice, the time to start deciding is before your agreement finishes so that the new contract is ready to go, saving time and ensuring your new car will be with you as your previous lease car is being collected – no one wants to be left without a car for longer than is necessary.


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