Car Leasing Made Easy at Clear Car Leasing


A car lease allows you to drive a brand new car of your choice without having to pay out a large sum of cash (that you might not have), or go down the route of a loan.

When you lease a car, you simply pay a small down payment at the start of your contract, usually a couple of months payments depending on the length of lease chosen, followed by fixed monthly payments for the duration of your lease period.

Then at the end of your lease term, you return the car and you’re free to start a new agreement with a brand new lease car – it’s that easy.

Car Leasing Made Easy at Clear Car Leasing

How To Lease A Car And Why It Makes Sense Rather Than Buying


You might never own the car and are basically just renting it for a period of time but this does mean that you’ve not had to fork out a huge sum to purchase outright and because payments are made monthly, you could be within budget to lease a car that ordinarily you couldn’t afford to purchase.

There’s no having to worry about depreciation as this is taken into account when you lease a car, plus you don’t have the added stress of having to sell it and deal with all that this entails.

So, as long as you look after the car both inside & out and you don’t exceed your mileage allowance, leasing rather than buying can be much more beneficial, plus the process is straightforward and hassle-free.


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