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If your lease car is vandalised by criminals you must first contact the police in your area to notify them that an offence has been committed. The crime will be logged and you’ll be given an incident number.

You must also inform us, who will then inform your finance provider on your behalf. The next thing to do is to contact your insurance provider who will take all the details from you and ascertain what kind of damage has been caused to your lease car and how to proceed with your claim.

You should always take out fully comprehensive cover when you lease a car which should cover you in the event your vehicle is vandalised. Many lessees choose GAP insurance which covers the shortfall if you’re involved in an accident and the car is written-off or your lease car is stolen.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

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If your lease car has been damaged to the point of being unable to drive and needs to be repaired, our team at Clear Car Leasing we will do everything we can to help you as one of our customers.

If your lease car has suffered a broken windscreen or scratches to the paintwork and needs to go in for repair, this will obviously leave you without a vehicle for a short period of time. Your insurance policy might cover you for a replacement vehicle whilst your lease car is in for repair but this all depends on the type of insurance policy you have and what is offered as part of your premium.

If any personal items were stolen from your lease car you can claim for these as well through your insurance provider.

Our advice is to always remove any obvious personal items from your lease car, such as a sat nav and take them inside with you, as having them ‘on display’ could attract car criminals. Make sure all the doors are locked and you park in the safest place possible where’s there is street lighting if it’s dark.


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