At Clear Car Leasing, the whole process is straightforward & hassle-free


Thousands of cars are stolen each year in the UK and sadly this can also happen with a lease car.

No matter what you do to try and prevent your lease car from being stolen, there’s always a chance that one day you might find yourself having to deal with the theft of your lease car, so if it does happen, what’s the procedure?

As you probably know, when you lease a car you’re never the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle, therefore it’s the leasing company who technically own the car that was stolen.

But what should I do as the driver of the lease car and the contract holder if my lease car is stolen?

At Clear Car Leasing, the whole process is straightforward & hassle-free

My lease car’s been stolen, what happens now?


Firstly, you must call the police and report the theft, providing them with all the details of your lease car (you should keep all vehicle details written down in case of an incident).

You must then inform the leasing company to let them know that the car was stolen before calling your insurance provider, as they are the ones who will be paying for the car if it isn’t found.

It’s important when you lease a car to make sure you have fully comprehensive cover or gap insurance which will cover the full value of the car.

If your lease car isn’t recovered within 30 days, or is found but unusable, then your insurance provider will pay the leasing company for the car. Your lease contract will therefore be ended allowing you to start a brand new lease contract on another car.

Your old contract terms will be switched over onto a new lease contract, so there won’t be any differences between the two and your contract term will carry on regardless, so if the theft occurred mid-way through a 36 month lease term, your new contract will carry on from where it left off, the only change will be a new lease car.


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