The benefits of Business Car Leasing explained


It can be an expensive exercise trying to sort out a fleet of cars for your business and when you buy outright you have to take into account extra costs for maintenance and repairs, not to mention the hassle involved when it’s time for something new, having to deal with selling the company vehicles before replacing them with brand new ones.

Leasing a car or fleet of cars for your business is a much more hassle-free way of providing wheels for your staff without the worry that purchasing outright can bring.

The benefits of Business Car Leasing explained

Is leasing a car for your business cheaper than buying one?


There’s just one monthly fixed payment to deal with, you can claim back 50% of your VAT costs and by adding a maintenance package to your contract, there’s no need to worry about your vehicle breaking down, or remembering to book it in for a service, plus tyres will be looked after and replaced when required.

For the duration of your lease agreement, you have the peace of mind that everything’s covered for a fixed monthly payment, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Depending on the length of contract you choose, you can drive a brand new company car without the hassle that comes with owning outright and at the end of your contract you simply hand the car/cars back with the option to start a new lease agreement.

The best thing about leasing is that you’re really only ever paying for the depreciation of the car, so monthly payments on a lease tend to work out much cheaper than monthly finance payments.


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