Does it make financial sense to lease rather than buy outright?


If you’re considering leasing your next car or van rather than purchasing outright, you might be wondering whether it makes financial sense or not?

Leasing has become increasing popular here in the UK over the past few years but why is that and is better to lease rather than buy outright?

Firstly, leasing allows you to drive a brand new car for an agreed length of time and with a mileage allowance to suit, all for one affordable fixed monthly payment.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Lease your next your car or van and enjoy some of the benefits, including UK road tax and so much more..

When you lease a car or van, the finance tends to work out much cheaper than if you was to buy outright. The monthly payments are generally lower because you’re only financing the portion of the car’s value that you’ll be using for your chosen lease term (usually 36 months).

Leasing often means you can afford to drive a much better vehicle than if you was to purchase outright.

There are requirements that you must meet in order to avoid extra charges at the end of your lease term. One of these is mileage limitation, as going over your agreed mileage allowance could result in excess mileage charges once your lease term comes to an end. A small fixed charge for every mile over could be due at the end of your lease term if you fail to keep within your agreed annual mileage allowance.

Also, failing to rectify any damage to the vehicle that’s not covered under the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guide could lead to extra charges at the end of your lease term, so it’s important to inspect your lease car or van carefully around six weeks before the lease is due to end, giving you enough time for repair work to be carried out.

Leasing rather than buying means you get to drive a brand new car or van every few years without having to worry about depreciation or having to sell the vehicle on when the time comes, plus more often than not, you can lease a much better vehicle than you ever thought possible, all for an affordable fixed monthly amount.

When you lease with Clear Car Leasing, our contracts also include UK road tax for the duration of your chosen lease term, manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover (subject to warranty), free delivery and collection.

You can even add a maintenance package to your lease contract for peace of mind which includes servicing, tyres and general fair wear & tear cover.

We have such a wide variety of cars and vans available for leasing either for 18 months, 24, 36 or 48 months (4 years) – something to suit everyone’s taste, requirements and budget.


Contact us TODAY to find out more about leasing your next car or van and start enjoying all the benefits that leasing has to offer – 01904 55 75 44.

Our Business or Personal Leasing contracts can be tailored to your specific requirements based on the vehicle chosen, length of lease and preferred mileage allowance – get in touch to find out more: or chat with us NOW using our online ‘We are here!’ service.

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