And Who Pays The Road Tax?


At Clear Car Leasing, we find there can be some confusion as to who the owner of the vehicle is once it has been leased and who gets the V5 logbook that comes with every car or van.

We specialise in Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and Business Contract Hire (BCH) agreements, which means that you’ll never own the vehicle you are leasing, either on a Personal Lease or Business Lease contract. You simply apply to lease a car or van of your choice from our fine selection available on our website, pay a fixed monthly amount for the duration of your chosen lease term and at the end of your contract, the lease car or van is inspected before being returned.

Therefore, it’s your finance provider who remains the owner and registered keeper of the vehicle for the whole of your leasing contract and it is they who will hold onto the V5 logbook. If for any reason you need the V5 logbook, for instance if you’re applying for a personalised number plate, you will have to get in contact with your finance provider.

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Who is the legal owner of my lease car? And who pays the road tax?

So how does road tax work when leasing a car if the customer isn’t the registered keeper of the vehicle and doesn’t have the V5 logbook in their possession? It’s simple – when you take out a PCH or BCH agreement with Clear Car Leasing, your chosen lease car or van comes with UK road tax for the duration of your chosen lease term.

Your finance provider is responsible for ensuring your lease car is taxed every year and will send you notification through the post to let you know when it’s been taken care of.

The cost for UK road tax is included in your contract and represents the current price. If there’s an increase or decrease in the cost of road tax during your contract term, you will be notified of the difference either way.


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