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Here at Clear Car Leasing, we are always intrigued by new cars entering the market, especially when they have the bad boy looks and appeal of cars like the all new Lexus RC300h F-Sport Coupe.

When this beautiful Azure Blue Hybrid, yes, Hybrid landed with us in York last Thursday, there were quite a few eagle eyed members of staff who were leaning over their desks with rather broad grins on their faces. And to be honest it wasn’t hard to see why.

LexusThe car has real presence, with its muscular haunches and menacing looking front grille, it positively oozes drama. Climb into the cockpit and that’s where the real fun begins. The car feels expensive; it feels like a sports car should.

The real surprise is how quiet the car is when you drive it. Virtually silent. You expect a ferocious roar but this car doesn’t even attempt to advertise its prowess through the cabin or the exhaust notes. It’s a stealth fighter, a silent assassin; put it into sport mode and things not only stiffen up, they sound different too.

However, this car is remarkably smooth, almost too smooth. It is a car you’ll have to be very careful with, as in a blink of an eye, you can be over 60 miles per hour without even realising you’ve set off. Plant your foot on the accelerator, you won’t get any gut pushes or loud howls from the engine. The seat belts don’t even feel the need to tense up, which I liked, as some of its rivals love to just grip you tightly into your seat, almost leaving you devoid of air whenever you want to move quickly.

A modest, yet near hard to detect, growl makes you smile, and keeps you smiling as the car handles effortlessly through tight corners. It challenges road cambers, sweeping bends, straight country lanes and anything else you feel you need to put in its way, this car will always come out on top. It’s absolutely brilliant.Lexus3

Although, I must admit when I had the opportunity to drive this car I managed to achieve over 40MPG (I blame my heavy sized 9 foot). However, I’m very confident that a more elegant, steadier, lesser footed driver would achieve well over in excess of this – which is still quite remarkable for such a vehicle.

To end, I don’t even want to turn this mini review into an advert for what this costs on a personal or a business lease. Instead, if you like the idea of having this as your next new car; give me a call or drop me an email. I’ll let you set the monthly payment expectation in your own mind first, and then, I’ll surprise you!

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