Lease terms range from 18 months to 48 months with Clear Car Leasing


When choosing a car lease term, the options available fall between a short term lease or a long term lease and the final decision as to which one to go for is entirely up to you, the customer.

A short term lease is anything under 24 months, whilst a long term lease is one that’s over 24 months and can range from three to four years, however the most popular lease term tends to be the three year option (36 months).

The longer term you choose to lease a brand new car for, the cheaper the monthly fixed payments tend to be, as the payment is spread over a greater period of time.

Lease terms range from 6 to 12 months, 36 months, right up to 4 or 5 years

How Long Should I Lease A Car For?


When you lease a brand new car from Clear Car Leasing, the vehicle you choose will come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard and the length of warranty offered by car manufacturers can play its part in how long of a term a customer chooses, as most car manufacturers tend to provide a three year warranty.

You might however be one of those motorists who like the idea of changing cars every 18 months, in which case a short term lease would be best suited to you, giving you the freedom to change from one brand new lease car to another in a very short period of time.

But for many drivers, running around in a brand new lease car for three years or more is the preferred option, especially when you consider the lower monthly fixed payments and the added benefits of a maintenance package on top.

It really does come down to customer preference but whichever lease term you opt for, our team at Clear Car Leasing will ensure that the car you lease is the right one for you and at a price within your budget range.


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