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Cars provide us with the freedom to drive anywhere, at anytime – something most of us wish to experience once we reach 17 years of age and can finally get behind the wheel in order to gain a full UK driving licence.

Personal Contract Hire gives you that freedom – it’s an extremely affordable and hassle free way of driving a new car without having to purchase one outright.

As the name suggests, Personal Contract Hire applies to a specific individual leasing a car for their own use, rather than for business purposes.

When you take out a Personal Contract Hire agreement, you’re able to drive the lease car for a period of time that suits you. This is known in the trade as a ‘lease period’.

Throughout the lease period, you never actually own the vehicle, you simply agree to use it for the specified time period.

A monthly fixed payment will run for as long as the agreement lasts and once this comes to an end, the car is returned to the lease company.

It’s that simple – and as one contract ends, it’s time to agree on a new one.

Personal Contract Hire means you don’t have to worry about what the resale value will be once you decide a new car is required.

The lease will be calculated based on the difference between the initial purchase price and the remaining value of the vehicle. Leasing a car takes the stress out of having to deal with selling it yourself and wondering how much you’re going to lose in depreciation.

Leasing a car is basically a long term rental, where you pay a fixed monthly amount to use one of our cars for the period of time and mileage agreed by both parties.

Customers simply pay a fixed monthly amount which they can afford, drive a new car around for a period of two, three or four years, bring it back in and start again with another brand new car and new agreement the very same day – what’s not to love about Personal Contract Hire?

Many people don’t have the funds available to go out and purchase a brand new car on a regular basis, that’s why a Personal Contract Hire agreement is the answer and there’s a wide range of vehicles to choose from here at Clear Car Leasing, something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

To conclude, a Personal Contract Hire agreement takes the stress and worry out of owning and maintaining a purchased vehicle. It’s a smart and convenient way to use a car – no upfront costs and no maintenance worries, plus a fixed monthly rental can be much cheaper than getting a loan to buy a new car.

Car leasing is the best option for those motorists who wish to drive a new car but don’t want to pay the fees that go along with owning one – it’s hassle-free motoring for as long as you require!


For a personal quote from Clear Car Leasing, please call 0844 846 4007 today, or email – we’ll make the experience of leasing so easy you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

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