You might want to hold it in, as it could lead to a hefty fine for being distracted behind the wheel!


Drivers in the UK might not realise this and think it’s a bit over the top, but you could be fined up to £5,000 and receive nine points on your driving licence if caught singing or dancing in your car but why?

According to experts, singing and dancing whilst in control of a vehicle could classify you as being distracted and a possible danger to yourself and other road users.

If caught, you could be charged by the police for ‘driving without due care and attention’ or for ‘dangerous driving’ and be issued with a huge fine and points as a result.

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Driver Warning: Singing or dancing along to your favourite song whilst driving could lead to a hefty fine and penalty points!

Basically, this somewhat severe law means motorists in the UK could be stopped by a police officer and charged just for singing and dancing along to their favourite tune!

Experts claim that listening to loud music whilst driving can be distracting and can cause you to take your eyes off the road. It can also prevent you from being able to hear emergency service vehicles approaching or the warning horn from other road users.

Most drivers think you only receive fines for speeding or parking offences but this is not true, as police officers can issue a dangerous driving charge for any kind of offence that may cause a driver to be distracted, confused or aggressive whilst in control of a vehicle.

It might sound a bit extreme to be punished for singing and dancing behind the wheel, however motoring lawyers believe that doing so could have a disastrous impact on a driver’s capabilities.

“If you were imitating dancing while driving, then you could be seen taking your hand off the wheel or gesturing. You have to be in proper control of your vehicle,” said Emma Patterson, principal senior solicitor at motoring law specialist Patterson Law, adding: “If there was a catastrophic impact on the standard of your driving, such as a significant control loss or crash, then that would be considered dangerous driving.”

The chances of being caught and stopped by the police are pretty slim, however you could be reported by another road user who might have caught you on their dash-cam.

“The police could choose to prosecute you if the way you listened to music caused a distraction as you drove,” said Sophie Allison, crime and motoring solicitor at David Grey Solicitors LLP, adding: “If it prevents you from driving with due care and attention, it could end in prosecution and that includes singing or dancing at the wheel.”



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