Leasing a car is a simple and hassle-free process with Clear Car Leasing


When you lease a car from Clear Car Leasing you will be driving a brand new car for the whole duration of the term you choose.

You will know from the start exactly how much your monthly fixed payments are going to cost plus you have the option to add a maintenance package to your agreement for peace of mind.

When you buy a car outright you have to pay upfront, whereas with leasing you never actually own the car so you pay a lot less in the long run and the cost is spread over the agreed lease term.

Leasing a car is a simple and hassle-free process with Clear Car Leasing

What Are The Main Benefits Of Leasing A Car?


Having a lease car allows you to drive a brand new vehicle for one, two, three years depending on the term you opt for and once your contract comes to an end you simply arrange for the car to be collected.

There’s such a wide range of make and models to choose from at Clear Car Leasing – something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

With so much experience in the leasing business we can provide our customers with impartial advice on the make and models we have available.

Leasing is an affordable way of driving a brand new car where you choose the vehicle and terms based on your specific budget.

Paying just one monthly fixed payment allows you to keep track of your outgoings and enables you to cover everything within one payment including servicing and maintenance for hassle-free motoring. All our lease cars come with a full manufacturer warranty as standard and free road tax for the duration of your lease term.

With a lease car you are always driving a brand new car, not one that someone else has driven first and at the end of your contract you simply return the vehicle.

It’s then time to start again with a brand new lease car and a new agreement – no worries about having to deal with depreciation and selling your vehicle.


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