And then go on to lie about what occurred!


Churchill Insurance claims around a quarter (24%) of drivers in the UK have wrote-off a car whilst holding a full driving licence, which equates to around 10.9 million fully qualified motorists.

According to their data, men are twice as likely to be involved or be the cause of a collision with another vehicle compared to women and it seems it’s male drivers (48%), who are also almost twice as likely than female drivers (20%) to go on and lie afterwards about what really happened.

Almost one in five (19%) admitted to even asking their children who were with them at the time of the incident to lie to a partner about the reasons why their vehicle has been declared unfit for the road.

According to Churchill’s research, the biggest reason for a car being written-off was because of an accident with another car (50%), followed by ‘extreme’ weather conditions on 8% and mechanical/technical issues, also eight per cent.

and then go on to lie about what occurred

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Out of all write-offs, just over a quarter (28%) actually took place on a main road, with 13% occurring on country lanes, 8% on roundabouts and 5% on car parks.

According to the insurer’s findings, if you drive a blue car you need to be more careful as this colour of car is the one most likely to be declared a write-off (18%), followed closely by silver on 15%, with red and white joined together on 12%.

The age group most likely to be involved in a car write-off are those aged 18-34, who are twice as likely to have a car written-off compared to drivers over the age of 55 – and on familiar roads too.

Alarmingly, 44% of drivers in the younger age group have written-off their car on the actual road they live on!


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