And Why Does The Monthly Price Increase The More I Do?


When you lease a car, one of the decisions you have to make is how many miles you think you’re going to cover for every year of your contract.

Finance companies calculate their prices based on the predicted future value of the vehicle – so the more miles you do means the car will be worth a lower price once your contract comes to an end. This means that the car’s proposed depreciation will be larger.

You agree upon a mileage allowance when you take out a contract on a lease car and the figure you choose all depends on the amount of mileage you think you will cover in one year. So if you take out a lease contract for three years and believe you will cover 12,000 miles per year, then your pre-agreed mileage allowance will be 36,000 miles for the duration of your lease.

And Why Does The Monthly Price Increase The More I Do?

How Many Miles Per Annum Can I Do In A Lease Car?


Our mileage bands range from anywhere between 5,000 miles per year to 50,000 miles per year but remember, choosing too many miles from the offset is just as bad as going over your mileage allowance, as the monthly fixed payments you make could have been lower from the start if you’d chosen a band that more suited your mileage covered.

You will not receive a rebate at the end of your contract if for example you only cover 10,000 miles rather than the 15,000 miles you chose as your pre-agreed mileage allowance.

If you do exceed your mileage allowance as stated in your contract you will incur excess mileage charges payable at the end of your contract.


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