c300If you’re looking for top speeds with minimal effort, then the C-Class Saloon C300 H AMG Line Premium Plus might just be the car for you. If you’re ferrying the kids around, you may prefer a model a little less sporty.

Of course, Sport is just one of five modes that a driver can enjoy when cruising around in the C300, on top of Individual, Comfort, Eco, and the very tempting Sport +. After we were handed the keys to the beast, we took it around some country lanes as well as some more urban routes.

A futuristic on-board computer

This hybrid, 7-speed G-Tronic beauty may be an automatic, but there’s still plenty for your left hand to get stuck into thanks to the on-board computer system. Sitting atop the dashboard is a slightly imposing but very futuristic-looking tablet, which, though not the most aesthetically-pleasing, does offer a lot of features. It is here in which the driver can customise his or her “Individual” driving profile, allowing for customisable climate control, plus Bluetooth connections, full GPS and much more.

The overall driving experience itself is very comfortable after settling into an easy-going 60mph. That said, if you’re looking to give the C300 something to aim for, you can reach this speed in seconds – 6.4 seconds, to be exact. With a 2.1 litre engine, we found no struggle in reaching high speeds uphill in what seemed like even less time, though we hasten to add this was in the aforementioned Sport + mode.

Environment-conscious drivers benefit from being able to see what type of fuel they are consuming at all times – the battery life is clearly displayed, as is the fuel gauge. Generally speaking, you’ll find your vehicle switching to the far quieter electronic mode when cruising at slow speeds in built up areas. However, on longer journeys, you will notice the switch over to diesel consumption as soon as your foot hits the pedal.

Comfort saves the C300 from clunkiness

While the C300’s cruise control can feel a little clunky on motorway journeys, it is saved by its overall comfort. So long as your taller passengers stay in the front seat, everybody will benefit from ample storage, legroom and neat little extras such as reading lights, USB ports, two sunroofs and three levels of heated seating. Parking woes are a thing of the past too, thanks to front and back cameras which show not only your parking limits but also the angle at which you are manoeuvring – ideal for careful drivers!

Undeniably, the C300’s aesthetic value is its best feature (despite some questionable interiors) and this makes for an ideal all-rounder for salesmen and other business types. Economically, it’s not far off the traditional diesel, though it does benefit from particularly efficient journeys in slower driving conditions. That said, its ideal driver will likely be more interested in its top speeds (152mph) than its fuel efficiency, so for that reason, we think it’s a perfect leasing contract option as opposed to a long-term purchase.

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