Prices at the pump are set to increase this weekend


Motorists in the UK are being urged to fill up their cars today, as the prices for petrol and diesel are set to rise this weekend across the country.

Drivers may be hit with increased fuel costs because of the rise in oil barrel prices and worries over missile strikes between Russia and the US.

It’s believed that prices at the pump could rise by 2p a litre over the weekend according to experts but could carry on rising over the next few days or even weeks by as much as 5.5p a litre – prices have already increased by 4p per litre in under four weeks.

You might want to fill your car up today with fuel!

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Yesterday, the price of oil reached a three and a half year high at nearly $72 a barrel.

Experts are concerned that drivers will be faced with inflated prices on the forecourts following a spike in the price of a barrel of oil.

The cost for a litre of unleaded could increase from 121p to 123p, whilst diesel could rise from 123.61p to 125.61p by tomorrow (Saturday 14 April).

Following the news yesterday, the AA is urging drivers in the UK to fill up on fuel before the weekend to avoid having to pay higher prices at the pumps.

According to the Petrol Retailers Association, as well as this there’ll be a 4p per litre increase in wholesale costs that will make its way through to customers.

“There’s a lot of concern about missile strikes and if there is a possibility that markets will be disrupted then speculators will send the price even higher,” said the AA.

The price for oil barrels may also remain above $70 per litre until May before prices come down.


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