The organisation are planning a ‘blitz’ on illegal and unroadworthy tyres


Highways England have to deal with a staggering 3,500 tyre related incidents on UK roads every month, so the Government body have announced their intention to plan a ‘blitz’ on illegal and unroadworthy tyres.

The usual cause of such incidents are down to blisters, cracks, bulges or under or over-inflation says the organisation, who’ve also determined that caravans are somewhat of a worry as they tend to be left for long periods of time without being used and then towed for miles during the summer months which could cause a blowout on the motorway.

In 2016, eight fatalities and 120 serious injuries occurred on UK roads which were all linked to tyre-related incidents and Highways England would seriously like to reduce these figures, which is why they are planning a ‘blitz’.

The organisation are planning a 'blitz' on illegal and unroadworthy tyres

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According to Stuart Lovatt, Highways England road safety leader, tyre failure is mainly down to worn treads or incorrect inflation.

“This can lead to everything from frustrating congestion caused by breakdowns, to catastrophic collisions and tragic loss of life,” said Mr Lovatt.

The organisation is committed to drastically reducing the number of people seriously injured or killed on UK motorways and ‘A’ roads, with the main focus during the next few years being on tyre safety.

A couple of ways in which Highways England are working to improve tyre safety awareness is by handing out tread gauges to motorists and by using their ground-breaking initiative that they’ve been developing at motorways service stations up and down the country, which enables motorists to drive through sensors providing an instant print-out showing the state of their vehicle’s tyres.

The AA have welcomed the organisation’s announcement, which was confirmed at the end of Tyre Safety Month.

According to the AA, tyre related incidents have now overtaken battery issues as the number one reason for a call out.

“On average, the AA attends a vehicle with tyre problems every 60 seconds and a third of the tyres AA patrols see are illegal – below the 1.6mm minimum tread depth,” said Simon Benson, director of motoring services at AA Tyres.


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