Whilst a new survey suggests members of the public agree and back the call


According to some motoring organisations, drivers who get caught for not wearing a seatbelt should be handed penalty points on their driving licence.

And a new survey seems to suggest that members of the public agree too and back the call made by motoring organisations that would see those caught with no seatbelt on whilst behind the wheel receiving penalty points.

Currently in England, Scotland and Wales, an offender will receive a £100 fine for not wearing their seatbelt and if the case goes to court, the fine can rise to the maximum of £500.

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Motoring organisations calling for penalty points to be issued for drivers caught not wearing a seatbelt.

Direct Line and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) are now calling for the UK to take on the same rules that apply in Northern Ireland, where a driver caught not wearing their seatbelt is issued with three penalty points on their driving licence.

The motoring organisations are also calling for better enforcement of seatbelt law, with an increase to the public perception of the enforcement.

Over 2,000 people took part in a survey which found that 74% supported a change to the law. Out of these, 58% thought that three points would be a fitting penalty, whilst 30% believed the punishment should be six points, with a further 5% saying that not wearing a seatbelt should lead to an automatic driving ban.

Furthermore, 43% of those taking part in the survey inadvisedly believed that it was down to the driver to make sure that all passengers in a car are wearing their seatbelt, whilst just 35% knew that any adult passengers are legally responsible for themselves when it comes to buckling up.

Just 15% of those taking part believed the present system of a fine with no penalty points for not wearing a seatbelt should remain the same.

Out of 787 people killed on UK roads in cars in 2017, over 200 had no seatbelt on, whilst more than 1,000 people were seriously injured in the same year because they were not wearing a seatbelt.

Executive director of PACTS, David Davies, said that a change to the law “would have no impact on most drivers or passengers, but could substantially reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured each year”.


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