According to newly released figures 5,179 motorists were banned from driving in 2016

New research released by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to ASUS, has revealed that the number of motorists convicted of dangerous driving rose by a staggering 29% in 2016.

Figures released by the DVLA showed how 5,179 UK licence holders were banned following a conviction for dangerous driving last year – 1,173 more convictions than in 2015.

Computer hardware company ASUS gathered the data and figures from the DVLA and released their findings today (Thursday June 1).

According to newly released figures 5,179 motorists were banned from driving in 2016

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What the information gathered from the DVLA did unearth was the fact that it isn’t necessarily the youngest drivers in the country who are being banned for dangerous driving, which many of us would assume is the age group who drive the most reckless.

Data gathered by ASUS found that it was actually young adults aged between 26 and 35 who were the ones most likely to be banned for dangerous driving.

Figures for 2016 saw an increase of 28% in this age group overall for disqualifications and 30% of all females banned last year were from this age group.

However, research still shows us that women are the safer drivers, as 87% of all bans in 2016 were handed out to male drivers, a rise of 1% from 2015.

The increase in dangerous driving convictions could mean less money in the pocket for motorists. Experts predict a rise of over £800 for the average car insurance policy, as premium tax rises again on June 1.

Country manager for ASUS, Jon Parmar, said the data shows how driving bans are on the increase year after year.

He said the age of the driver was irrelevant, the fact is that more and more drivers are having their licences taken off them for dangerous driving.

Mr Parmar added that motorists need to focus on their safety at all times whilst behind the wheel, claiming that dashcams will become a vital way of ensuring this happens.

“Car cams need to become an integral part of every driver’s experience from the moment they first pass their driving test,” said Mr Parmar.

Dashcam, helmet cameras and mobile phone footage is now being used by North and South Wales Police to convict motorists caught for driving dangerously.

Operation Snap began back in October 2016. It encourages members of the public to upload their video footage of dangerous drivers to the police force along with a short description.

The footage is then reviewed by the police and the appropriate action is taken.

So far, over 100 videos have been received by the police, with 80 penalty notices handed out.


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