And will stop at their favourite service station to get what they prefer


According to a survey carried out by Censuswide in May this year, 90% of motorists in the UK will stop at a particular service station just so they can purchase items from their preferred fast food outlet.

The survey questioned 2,001 drivers and found that most people love nothing more than stopping at a service station which offers their favourite kind of food.

But despite this revelation, the top two service stations in the UK proving popular destinations for drivers was on the M6 (Tebay) and on the M5 (Gloucester).

Both service stations are owned and run by the same family and provide customers with a slightly different alternative to the norm, with fresh locally sourced produce on offer to either take away or sit down and enjoy.

Motorists in the UK love their fast food

Motorists in the UK love their fast food and will stop at their favourite service station to get what they prefer but there are alternatives © Copyright Jaggery and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


There are however 97 service station in operation across the country, so the more traditional type of services needn’t worry as shops, fast-food and petrol will ensure they’ll be here to stay.

The survey found that over a third of motorists said choice was the most important thing when deciding which service station to stop at – the more places to eat on offer the better.

For 64% of drivers though, clean bathrooms was the most important thing to them and did play a part in which service station they stopped at.

Being able to visit a clean toilet is extremely important to people in the UK, as around seven out of 10 drivers questioned confessed to only stopping for a break whilst travelling to use the toilets.

Many drivers in the UK don’t stop enough when on a long journey and it’s recommended we stop at least every two hours for a break – only 16% of those taking part in the survey said they did.

A quarter of those questioned said they only stop to go to the toilet and then carry on with their journey, therefore not having a good enough rest.

Not only is it vital that we stop regularly on long journeys to avoid getting too tired, it’s also important to have a properly maintained vehicle for the journey to ensure a stress-free drive – that’s why leasing a car makes total sense.


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